Mac keyboard right shift key not working

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Product: EliteBook p. Tags 1. Tags: EliteBook p. Message 2 of I understand shift keys on your laptop is not functioning. Don't worry I'd like to help you out. Did you make any software or hardware changes on your PC? Have you tried checking with an external keyboard? Please try the steps recommended below.

Your Mac won’t type U, I, O, J, K, L, and M? Here’s why

Let me know if this works! Level 1.

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Message 3 of The Windows Creator update has wrecked my HP keyboard - out of warranty of course! ALL to no avail!

The HP diagnostic on the keyboard shows that the keyboard fails! I'm fuming!!!! Message 4 of Message 5 of Is there a fix, patch or workaround that you or anyone has implemented successfully? Message 6 of Message 7 of Oh dear.

1. Clean the keyboard

Well thanks for coming back to me. HP, any final suggestions before my EliteBook becomes an expensive door-stop?

Message 8 of Proceed with caution in the BIOS - you can proper break stuff! Is there any way to tell where the problem arises.

SHIFT Key Fails Using RDP in a ICA Session

The wireless keyboard I attach works without a problem. The computer is my son's - away at college - and he eats while he types. The keyboard is always full of crumbs and sticky when I see it. He denied spilling any liquid on it, however, he said he tries to clean the keyboard with spray window cleaner. I told him this could cause damage to the keyboard, logic board and internal workings.

Macbook Pro 13" - keyboard problem, shift working weird : macbook

As for the keyboard connector, I checked your link and it was definitely Scotch tape, not Kapton tape. It was probably that action rather than correctly connecting the keyboard cable to the logic board that corrected the right shift key. Thanks for all of your responses to my original question and a special thanks to the IFixit A repair guide. Could not have taken apart the computer and reassembled it correctly without it!!

If you have used a USB keyboard and the keys function in text edit then most likely it is the key on the top case keyboard and not the logic board. You can also confirm the issue by booting to an external known good OS on an external drive it must be the same OS version or higher than what your unit shipped with and testing the keys on the keyboard.

I'd just add checking how the key feels under the fingers. If it's stuck, dirty or misaligned, I'd try to very gently reseat it. Failing that, most likely it's a top case issue. There should be no mistaking that the shift key is on.

The Butterfly Mechanism in MacBook Keyboards

I made the stroke thicker, added a white fill, and just to be sure, added a slight white glow to it as well. The user only sees one state at a time so they should be able to tell whether a button is on or off by simply looking at one of the images above. Last but not least the caps-lock. A circle on the top left of the button with the same white glow and fill indicates a very obvious caps-lock state.

And just to be sure, I added the underline as well. How would all these look on a full keyboard you ask? My portfolio: www. Become a member. Sign in.