Mac os x delete file operation not permitted

Can't delete/change permissions on folder?!? even as root (solved)

Then, after googling around, I got a lot of semi-useful hints. Apparently, I was not the first one with this problem: Anyhow, this all was not helping a lot. But there was a strong indication that this problem occurs more frequently when FAT Filesystems or Windows folder are involved somehow. But still, the folder in question was coming from a NTFS formatted file system. OK, finally.

I found some useful hints in the forum of my favorite German newsticker here. There is some hint!

For Mac Users Only: How to Unzip a File (Fixing Mac Error 1 - Operation Not Permitted)

Look at the "uchg" and "hidden". OK, hidden is obvious.

Cannot Delete File! Please help!

But what is "uchg"??? Quite simple. It stands for "unchangeable". Which is some form of "read-only" or "really, really, not writeable".

How to Fix “Operation not permitted” Error in Terminal for Mac OS

And now? Some more reading revealed the following: Or so I thought Render it unusable, unless intervened. In order to get your deserted Mac up and running again, I suggest the following:.

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  • Fix Terminal “Operation not permitted” Error in MacOS Mojave.

Open up System Preferences. Open up a terminal 6. Keep your security hysteria to yourself. It takes like two minutes, tops. Hi, I have put a file into my trash.

macos - Why does chown report "Operation not permitted" on OS X? - Super User

When I try to empty the trash, it says I dont have permission. How do I fix that problem? How do I force delete a file that does not want to be deleted?

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Deleting: Problems Deleting Files

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