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Your data is encrypted using advanced industry standard AES Rijndael bit key. Granular access to separate modules can be set up. Synchronization with cloud services is protected via SSL - the same technology that is used in online banking.

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Get started. Often we have a lot of troubles with other tools and they are difficult to use, complex, But EssentialPIM is easy to use and no troubles now. I am happy that your soft is very easy to use. I do not regret my investment and I think that your tariff wisdom is the key to fight piracy. Personal Information Manager that lets you manage appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, password entries and email messages across multiple platforms and cloud applications.

For Windows EssentialPIM for Windows has evolved over many years to be a flexible, yet very intuitive application that gets you started within minutes. Available on the AppStore. Why our customers choose EssentialPIM? All information in one place EssentialPIM data is stored in a secure, fast and scalable database.

Cross-linked and tagged data EPIM items can refer to each other to provide quick navigation between related elements. Securely stored data Your data is encrypted using advanced industry standard AES Rijndael bit key. Try it now.

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Boost your productivity! Some of our customers. EssentialPIM is light, easy to use and is intelligently fitted out with a balanced feature set. I hadn't thought of MajorGeeks, although I have downloaded other programs there. I have downloaded it with no problems. After I've used it for awhile, I'll report back. Thanks for all of the comments, everyone. If I were that worried about a product I would do extensive internet searches using multiple search engines, I would check the user forums at both the program site and places like Wilders Security forums, check for site ratings at a place like WOT which in itself is not always a reliable indicator but you can get some useful comments after weeding out the useless rants , check program reviews at various sites and any comments there, etc.

Asking here and then discounting replies won't get you the reassurance you asked for. Editors here check out the programs to the best of their ability using various tools including VirusTotal and WOT. Many programs, like this one, have been around for a good number of years and have many users. There is no "proof" that anyone can provide you that anything is safe on the internet.

The best you can do is conduct your own research and decide what to do from that point. I assume you have the ability and tools to monitor the ports on your internet connection and monitor what programs "phone home", and understand why they do so. If you're interested in the program, install the portable version, and monitor its activity. After I read this reply, I decided to go back and try to download the portable version, but got the same reply. I will keep my eye on this though because it seems to be something I might be able to use.

Thanks for suggesting the portable version, and I hope it works out for others! I think I got it. The Pro download links start a direct download from the site. The free version download links go to cnet. Update: It seems that Download Crew is linking these downloads to cnet as well.

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See the links in Anupam's comments if you'd rather not use cnet. Are you serious? Contact the author, visit the forums I have it, use it and have had no trouble Take it for what it is worth - or not.

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I have never seen that. The program is good and the author very responsive to user suggestions and needs. CNET is an entirely different can of worms.

The author has been responsive and has made several updates to version 7 including a lot of interface tweaks. I have a pretty sensitive greed radar and this guy does not set it off. I was not aware of this. I have had no indication of abuse fro the EssentialPim authoor nor Ashampoo other thant their obnoxious ads each time you start a program.

Click here. Skip to main content. Average: 4. Thanks to all who commented before. Obviously, I'm even futher over the hill than I thought I was! The direct link is in the article. I replied to you through the other reply, but wanted to put it in it's proper place. Thank you so much for your help! It is perfectly safe - I have been using it for quite a while. Essential PIM use fake identities to spam sites, and have done, including ours, in the past.

Maybe because of this they have been put onto a blocklist somewhere which might explain what some have experienced when trying to access the link. MC - Site Manager. Not wanting to be too cynical but devs are usually responsive when the intention is to make money. The list of freeware product spam posts on this site where there is also a commercial "upgrade" is pretty extensive. It's just something we expect and have to live with, and the mods act accordingly. CNET is an entirely different can of worms The author has been responsive and has made several updates to version 7 including a lot of interface tweaks. The spam is not on their site, but was posted here some time ago, or at least it was until the mods deleted it.

We of course are not the only site targeted by these folks in this manner.

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Some users may find this method of promotion acceptable and yet many of those complaining about spam in our comments and forum are happy enough to use spam products. Each to their own of course but we have a pretty fool proof process for identifying spam comments and no matter if the product is featured here in an article, they will still get deleted. Free Kindle Books. Best Free Antivirus for Android.

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