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Name of dish, type of meal. She has gone right over the top creating individual fields for every ingredient. But it allows her to decide what to cook according to what she has in the fridge. Well Bento has just realesed its iPhone app allowing you to sink through wifi your Bento projects. Another reason I can't live without my iPhone. Yes look guys no hands.

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You can download the demo no strings attached for free and impress your freinds with your new found powers. Tropicana has had to pull its new packaging design. Now this is Pepsi's fresh orange drink. It seems incredible that a mistake this big could be made given all the market research the drink companies put out there today.

3D Printing - which software to choose?

It's a free tool for taking notes. It comes with desktop and mobile applications allowing you to make notes and sink though the cloud. It has a whole load of utilities, you can up load pics, encrypt text, clip web pages and it even recognises text in pictures so you can search for words within images you have uploaded.

There's loads of stuff. My wife took our daughter to see Monster Vs aliens 3D. They both loved it even if it cost more than a normal 2d version. Not that much but then I asked myself why? Why are we paying more for 3d films. I know that the cinemas have had to install new equipment in the cinemas and I there are the glasses too, but if you keep the glasses they make you pay the extra anyway the next time you go. When you think that the reason they have invented this new medium isn't because it adds to the cinema experience its because these films, at the moment, are impossible to pirate.

I agree that this could be the future of cinema but why are we the people who buying cinema tickets subsidising the big studios because others are pirating their films. Mia moglie ha portato nostra figlia a vedere il film Mostri contro alieni 3D.

Sarebbe giusto che pagassero loro che rubano e non noi If you want to keep up, try out or take part in the new stuff that Google is experimenting with try going to http: Actually "officially released" in not exactly a term that Google has defined yet. Can anybody explain to me why G-mail is still only a Beta Version. I have been ill in bed for a week. I've been catching up on my podcasts most of which are tech based.

They are all talking about how print is dead which even if I acknowledge as being true I still find it very hard to accept. After that, scroll down and tap "Allow" at the bottom of the permissions page to give Movies Anywhere access to your Google Play account. If you chose to link Amazon and Vudu as well, purchases from those services can be found in the same app. In other words, all of your content is now in one place!

Movavi Media Player per Mac

You can even see all of this same content in the YouTube app for any platform — just head to the Library section and select "Purchases. Now that you've made it this far, the rest of the process is as easy as casting any movie or show from your phone to your TV. From there, tap the cast icon in the top-right corner, then choose the device where you'd like to play the media.

After that, just select a movie or TV show and playback will begin on your TV — even if you purchased the content from iTunes! Same goes for the YouTube app, which will display your purchased content in the Library tab under "Purchases. If you don't see your movies yet, give it some time to sync. However, not every movie studio allows their content to be shared through Movies Anywhere, so some titles may be missing. It's worth noting that this method may not work with movie rentals from iTunes.

How are you liking this new centralized setup for all of your online purchases?

Tutti i prodotti Autodesk

Isn't it great to finally be able to cast iTunes movies? Tell us about your experiences with Google Play Movies and Movies Anywhere in the comment section below. Informazioni sulle autorizzazioni.

Installazione Ottieni questa app dopo avere eseguito l'accesso con il tuo account Microsoft e installala in un massimo di dieci dispositivi Windows Informazioni editore Supporto per 3D Viewer. Segnala questo prodotto Segnala l'app a Microsoft Grazie per la segnalazione.

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